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Listen to Many...Speak To A Few..
William Shakespeare
What We Offer. . .
Industry Leading Equipment
Eight Monitoring Stations
North America Wide
5  In Canada
3 in U.S.
ULC and UL Certified Stations
Professional Installation
Pet Friendly Motions *
Why Choose Us . . .
Local Dealer Support
Full Equipment Ownership
Adding Value to Your Home
Retain Equipment Equity
No 'Removal ' Holes in Walls
Upgradable and Expandable
No.."PLUG and PLAY" Equipment
No..'STAND ALONE' Monitoring
Sales And Service... .
Equipment Payment Plans
Level I Package includes
Main Control Unit
3 - Wireless Contacts
1 - Wireless Motion
2 And 3 Year Monitoring Agreements
You 'Choose Your Equipment; *
Line Cut or Cellular Monitoring